First Fed created and funded the First Fed Foundation (formerly First Federal Community Foundation) in January 2015 to continue its long tradition of giving back to the communities it serves. As of March 31, 2015, the bank’s generous gift of cash and stock was valued at more than twelve million dollars.

Our Mission:

We exist to benefit the communities in which First Fed maintains full service branches. We are committed to improving the quality of life in these communities by investing in public activities or charitable services to be provided in those communities. We emphasize providing support to capital projects providing valuable community benefits, facilitating economic development or enhancing availability of affordable housing.

Our Vision:

We invest in the future of communities served by First Fed, rather than simply spending money there. We distribute funds to qualified charitable or public organizations in support of capital projects or charitable services within the communities served by First Fed’s full-service branches.

Our Priorities:

  • Community Support
  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Community Development

The amount we give for each Priority will vary from year to year. We emphasize joint initiatives with public entities or other qualified charitable organizations in order to create the maximum benefit to our communities.

Applying  for a Grant:

Visit our Grant Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our giving.